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PW 1697 Impact of drowning prevention campaign #stopahogados
  1. Jessica Pino,
  2. Ana M Domínguez,
  3. Alberto García,
  4. Isabel García,
  5. Inés González
  1. Royal Spanish Lifesaving Federation (RFESS), Spain


Introduction According with World Health Organization (WHO, 2014), at least 3 72 000 people die each year by drowning in the world. Drowning is among the top 10 causes of death in people between 1 and 24 years old, being also the third cause of death due to unintentional trauma.

In Spain, more than 1300 people lost their lives due to drowning in the last three years, 60% of deaths are caused in the summer months (RFESS, 2017). In most cases they could be avoided through effective prevention and awareness campaigns, because the causes of deaths by drowning are imprudence and ignorance of the aquatic environment.

For this, the Royal Spanish Lifesaving Federation (RFESS) launched in summer 2016 the #StopAhogados prevention campaign.


  • To decrease deaths by drowning.

  • To know the scope and impact on the population to check the effectiveness of the campaign.

  • To increase user’s knowledge in accident prevention.

Method StopAhogados campaign, through videos and pictures, has transmitted prevention advices, in 18 languages, with special emphasis on how to prevent accidents and what to do in case of emergency.

Conclusions Since 2016 the scope and impact of the campaign, locally, nationally and internationally have been increasing, reaching more than 20 000 children and in social media has reached 1 00 000 people per week. This great social repercussion has been possible thanks to the easy diffusion through channels and telematic media, to the support and collaboration of public and private entities and to the low cost.

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