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PW 1693 Importance on drowning prevention messages
  1. Jessica Pino,
  2. Ana M Domínguez,
  3. Isabel García,
  4. Alberto García,
  5. Inés González
  1. Royal Spanish Lifesaving Federation (RFESS), Spain


Introduction Every year, more than 400 people have lost their lives by drowning in Spain, focusing these deaths on natural water areas (beaches, rivers and ports) and in the summer months, representing 60% of annual deaths. Most of them are caused by imprudence and the lack of awareness about the water environment risk.

Therefore, education and social awareness through the implementation of prevention campaigns is one of the actions that can be taken to reduce these data. However, the messages must be adapted to each situation and group of risk, must be simple to remember and easily transmitted. Communication can be effective if you ensure that the message reaches the recipient correctly.

Objectives At these moment, massive use of new technologies, force us to look for new methods to raise awareness of the risks of water environment, therefore, the objective of the Royal Spanish Lifesaving Federation (RFESS) is to use these virtual platforms to launch preventive messages, videos and music in order to obtain direct communication with a greater scope and impact, increasing knowledge on prevention.

Methodology Drowning prevention messages transmitted through social media, digital platforms and internet are carefully selected in order to ensure that there are direct, specific, easy to understand and timely. For that, videos and a ‘catchy’ song have been created with a selection of 12 messages that contain recommendations to prevent accidents in water areas.

Conclusions These messages sent through the different digital platforms as videos and music are new innovative social awareness methods. One of the benefits of these tools is that we provide educational information economic, immediate, interactive and adapted to the needs of different risk groups.

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