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PW 2703 Prevention of child injuries in belarus
  1. Leonid Lomat
  1. The Republican Centre for Traumatology and Orthopedics, Minsk, Republic of Belarus


Prevention of child injuries in Belarus is carried out with the participation of various ministries and departments. In 2012, developed Strategy for the prevention of child injuries. Formed the coordinating council, approved the action plan for child injuries prevention up to 2020.

With the support of UNICEF from 2013 to 2017 was carried out the international technical assistance project ‘Prevention of child injuries’. During this period, conducted 8 training seminars on the program WHO (148 trained doctors). Created 10 centers on teaching young parents the basics of safe vital activity of children. With the purpose of studying the traffic rules and skills of safe behavior 7 equipped children’s centres. Opened three centers for teaching children the principles of conduct in emergency situations.

With the aim of increasing the children’s knowledge hold the Olympiads, creative contests and exhibitions on the prevention of various types of injuries: ‘Rescuers eyes of children’, ‘Abide by the laws of the road’, young traffic inspectors and young rescuers-firemen, the field camp ‘Rescuer’ and the international rally of young rescuers-firemen.

With the aim of improving injury surveillance is developed and implemented in the regions of the automated information-analytical system ‘Trauma’.

Much attention is paid to raising public awareness and attracting attention to the problem of population through all channels of communication (Internet, television, radio, print).

Thanks to the work carried from 2012 to 2016, childhood injuries declined by 3.0%, children’s disability as a result of the effects of injuries by 30% (from 0.47 to 0.33 per 10 thousand), and the mortality of children from external causes by 40% (from 14.1 to 8.4 per 100 thousand). By 2021 it is planned to achieve further reduction of mortality from external causes (not less than 3% annually) and to stabilize the level of injury.

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