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PW 2618 Child and adolescent safety
  1. Jonnabhotla Usha Rani1,
  2. Gundavajhala Sunanda2,
  3. Jonnabhotla Naga Ananda Vamsee3,
  4. Jonnabhotla Naga Lalith Shashank4,
  5. Jonnabhotla Nageswara Sarma5
  1. 1Quality Technologies Private Limited
  2. 2PMP Certified
  3. 3Baylor University, Texas
  4. 4Rockwell Collins
  5. 5(Retd, AGM)


We aimed at Child and adolescent safety, particularly those who suffer from developmental disabilities because they are one of the most neglected groups in the world. Parents of such children are more worried about the future of their children. In countries like India, most of the disabled children are abandoned during childhood due to poverty and lack of awareness in educating such children.

Amidst such challenges, there are a few groups that came forward and took the initiative for the growth and safety of these kids. Due to corrupt practices that exist, many people hesitate to donate money or participate in volunteering services. We presented various ways to build confidence and trust among the public to encourage service motto. The story of struggle with a disability within one family evolved into Asha Jyothi welfare center for Handicapped children serving 70+orphans/poor disabled children. In our analysis, we found Asha Jyothi Handicapped Welfare Society is a registered Non-Government Organization, established in 1998 in Hanuman Junction, Andhra Pradesh with the mission to provide diverse services for development, education, safety and rehabilitation of children and adolescents with developmental disabilities.

Our research helped in recognizing people who really want to support. We included the policies and strategies framed and implemented by various individuals, societies, corporates, local communities, and countries like Australia, India, Uganda, USA etc. Finally, we covered various methods that provide special education and training to know the right to love and security, healthy food, decent shelter, burn prevention, drown prevention, traffic safety, poisoning prevention, adequate medical care to reach their optimum potential and protection from any form of abuse.

We hope this paper will inspire the readers to come forward and implement world safety as a group which could be called the World Safety Trust Group(WSTG).

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