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PW 2541 Children’s safety pilot project on the road, pasak children development center, lamphun province, with the participation of the community
  1. Vassana Samanasak
  1. Pasak Municipal District, Lamphun, Thailand


PaSak Children Development Center organized Children’s Safety Pilot Project on the Road, Pask Children Development Center, Lamphun Province, with the participation of the community by achieving the goal of the ‘Road Safety Research Project’ with the participation of Children Development Center and community of Pasak District, Muang Lamphun District, Lamphun Province, starting May 2012 and completed in July 2013 and has continued to the present and led to safety in three areas: 1. Risk point management 2. Behavioral risk management 3. Learning management, resulting in the risk around the center is corrected. The integrated learning management of children has initiated. Children aged 2–6 years old if get stimulation practice to prepare for an important milestone of the development. This is the golden age of children who are ready to learn and remember the best. The creating sustainable discipline for children based on the theory of cognitive development (Piaget) stated that the children of this age cannot figure out why, but this does not mean that children this age will not find a reason. They do think but may be right or may be wrong and they cannot imagine. Therefore, promoting learning to children at 2–6 years in the center to recognize traffic discipline, so the children wear a helmet 100% to comply with traffic rules without any accidents. A joint agreement was made to make the Child Development Center as ‘Pilot Center for Road Safety’. PaSak Children Development Center was found in 2014. Currently there are 9 teachers with children in care, aged 2–5 years about 150 people per academic year. There are 7 class levels. At the beginning, there were problems at Pasak Children Development Center (New Center). There were no direction or warning signs along the pathway to the center. Cars running two ways (road is approximately 3 meters wide). The center is located adjacent to the primary school which has no traffic system. There is a road through the school lead to the Child Development Center and the center received very little cooperation with the community because the community thinks that the center is under the direction of local agency of Tambon PaSak municipality, which is responsible for all the work of the center. Once assessing the situation and the insecurity of the children and parents, teacher’s team at the center brought this problem to the meeting to discuss and seek out the solutions to the Center’s committee, Parents Club and the PaSak Sub-district Education. All sectors put efforts to solve this problem. For example, they provide training on road safety to parents. They ensure all safety aspects of the center to meet the standards of the National Children’s Center. The problem is found in the development action plan, the program of the Center and the preparation of the project of the municipality of PaSak to solve this issue and sustainable in practice. The results of the operation solve the problem in 3 issues 1. Risk Point Management: All kinds of vehicles run one-way, mark clear borders, arrange all parking points, set up traffic signs, warning signs, direction signs, mandatory signs and ask for cooperation with elementary schools to arrange traffic in schools by having parents who come to pick-up and drop off their children run the same way as the center and check the use of school bus to meet the standards as required by the Department of Transport. 2. Correction of Risk Behaviors: Parents are trained with knowledge and understanding of driving laws and traffic discipline. An agreement was made by MOU on cooperation in educational management to improve the quality of learners and to ensure the safety of child development center. Parking at designated parking spots and there is a storage point to keep helmets. Parents and children wear helmets 100% 3. Solution of learning management: Integrated Education with teaching materials that promote learning about safety in traveling, children will have a sense of security, discipline, knowledge of traffic rules, recognition of traffic sig.

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