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PW 2395 Kids alarm
  1. Attaporn Paiteerakul
  1. Lampang Technical College, Lampang, Thailand


Introduction and objectives Present social situation is not related to the needs of the population. As a result, a number of people are turning to vocational school bus service to facilitate parenting during rush hours in major cities. But sometimes the shuttle bus drivers may not be cautious of not checking if small children have gone out of the car or not. This resulted in some students were in the bus which may lead to sadness that we often see in the media from time to time. The inventor team has the concept of innovation that will alert the student bus drivers: teachers, parents and those who involved. So they will realize that there are children in the car and to quickly assist before the accident tragic event occur as before.

Methods The team investigated the cause of children trapped in the vehicle and died at a later time. Then they designed the innovation: Baby Car Alarms with functions that can detect and alert the driver and the people involved to know that the children are trapped the car in the form of an SMS that specifies the location of the vehicle to 5 phone numbers specified. It automatically alerts and reduces the mirrors. The team has tested and improved the work until the test results are satisfied. to satisfactory test results.

Study results From the design and testing of innovative applications, baby car alarms come in many patterns. The test results are designed to work effectively. It can be used practically. The packaging is standard and suitable for use. It is also a great way to help drivers increase awareness of caring for passengers.

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