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PA 06-5-2631 Cooperative solutions for deaths from road accidents by the potential and resources in the area under the role model tambon’s operation of preventing and reducing road accidents tambon khambong amphur ban phue district, udon thani, 2017
  1. Satanart Sihabong1,
  2. Yupa Pukna1,
  3. Tawatchai Tongthip2,
  4. Thongchai Arjdang2
  1. 1Khambong Health Promoting Hospital, Udonthani, Thailand
  2. 2Khambong Subdistrict Municipality, Udonthani, Thailand


Tambon Khambong, Ban Phue District, Udon Thani…is a bypass area through major tourist attractions in Udon Thani, it is the area where large sugar factory is located which resulting in several cars in the area. Therefore, many problems have arisen in the area including death from road accidents, damaged road, overturned of sugarcane trucks on the curve area, sugar canes falling off from the trucks, sugar cane trucks take the shortcut through Baan Chai Chareon Village leading to the risk of accidents and deaths. From the statistics, in Tambon Khambong: in 2016, 44 accidents, 38 injuries and 7 deaths or mortality rate 117.85 per 1 00 000 population. Most of the accidents occurred on the curved DongMoo (‘100 bodies-curved’) from 5 accidents, 3 were dead from group accidents. Normally, they were people outside the area. Most of the causes are from unfamiliar with the area, speeding. From the problems mentioned above, the committee of Center for Road Safety, Khambong acknowledged the importance and awareness to solve problems and to be the role model to solve the accidents and more importantly is to reduce the death rate, injury and disability from using the road. Guidelines To be consistent with practical use from the concept of the World Health Organization (WHO) or the 5S strategy to implement 10 activities, The implementations are as follows:1) Information Management Surveillance and problem-solving Tambon Khambong has surveillance system and data storage. Historical data has been collected since 2014: prepare situation, analyze problems, and find the causes of accidents and submit or present in the meeting every month. 2) Investigating the causes of injuries and deaths from road accidents. All in-depth accident investigations have been conducted by the SRRT-RTI team to investigate the deaths and serious injuries as well as those that have accidents and come to the hospital. 3) Driving the operation of cooperative interdisciplinary teams by utilizing information to drive preventive measures. There was a signing on Memorandum of Understanding to drive road accident prevention and reduction plan by community leaders. Leaders of communities and villages, Tambon Khambong, hospitals, schools and network share their efforts resulting in a measure of 100% Helmet organizations, subdue sugarcane trucks (4 m/3.5 m pole), and speed limit measures (60/40). 4) A plan/project provide a strategic map from the participation of local people in the community, community leaders, and club leaders in order to define the measures and action plans. There were 6 projects supported from municipal budgets, Tambon Khambong. 5) Driving the team level: sub-district/village/agency (RTI Team Tambon) There are 3 role model villages: Baandongmoo, Chaichareon, Chareonsuk. Actions include: set up the measures, continuously conduct public relations on Monday mornings, determine role model person and rules keeper in the village, and manage alcohol free zone.

  • Road Traffic Injury
  • RTI
  • Participatory
  • Accidents
  • Udon thani.

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