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PW 2187 Child safety at home
  1. Muhammad Imran Haider,
  2. Mustafa Al Shangiti
  1. SIPCHEM, Jubail, Eastern Province, KSA


As we know Home safety is very important to protect our families from hazards and risk at home. Most of us respect safety policies and follow procedures at workplace to keep our self and fellows safe. But the question is, are we putting sufficient efforts at home to protect our families especially Childs who are more vulnerable to home hazards. Answer is No in most of cases. We think about our families all the time but we are not playing our roles in true spirits. Each year number of children lost their life due to drowning, electrocution, burn and other injuries. Moreover, there are lot of hazards in each home which can be easily identified and mitigated through putting smart controls. About 9% of child fatal incident occurred in home water tubs. Nevertheless, we as a responsible society need to put more efforts to safe child. There is some effort going in some countries like ‘Safe Kids Worldwide’. But majority of public in most of the countries are unaware of these initiatives and could not control the posed risk associated with home hazards.

I came across one of the incident when a child was burned in kitchen during normal cooking and remained hospitalized due to 3rd degree burn for about 2 months. Family went through a trauma and now very curios of such accidents. In this paper, we tried to enlist few routine and non-routine activities in home where Childs can be injured and discuss the suitable easy and suitable controls to avoid this risk.

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