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PW 2019 ‘Angel eyes’ campaign (related to school buses)
  1. Jong Deuk Hong,
  2. Jin Won Choi
  1. Safe Kids Korea, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Purpose To prevent child injuries caused by blind spots of school buses.

To provide school bus safety devices and safety education to childcare institutions.

Methods To conduct and analyze the survey on safety of children around school buses.

To install safety devices on school buses.

To educate children on school bus safety.

To evaluate effectiveness of school bus safety devices and safety education program.

Results A questionnaire survey on the school bus safety was responded by the childcare institution teachers. Only about 50% are aware of the necessity of school bus safety education. 100% of the respondents answered that they need child education on safety around school buses. Lack of expertise and class hours are causing difficulty for child safety education around school buses. The outcome of the effectiveness evaluation survey (Maximum 5 points for each category) is as follows. The education helped improving children’s safety knowledge (4.18 points) and helped changing attitude towards safety (4.18 points). The effectiveness of the school bus safety devices was 4.61 points. The average satisfaction rate of educational tools and items distributed for safety education was 4.47 points. As for improvements which need to be made to prevent school bus accident, The systematic management of the institution scored the highest at 4.8 points. The interest of society and the introduction of driver qualification system followed at 4.6 points.

Conclusions Until now, school buses of 419 institutions have been installed with school bus safety devices. 27 071 children received safety education.Based on research and education, Safe Kids Korea will continue to make efforts for the safety of children around school buses.

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