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PW 1224 Child passenger safety: research of child road traffic injuries in russian federation, moscow region
  1. Agre Natalia,
  2. Borisenko Elena
  1. NGO Road Safety Russia, Moscow, Russia


Research purpose Development of effective policy measures in the field of reducing child traffic injuries by collecting the most complete and reliable information on the causes and consequences of accidents involving passengers under the age of 12 years.

Research dates June 2014 – June 2015

The study contains data on 239 children-passengers under the age of 12 years injured in an accident in Moscow Region

Conclusions 40% of children were involved in car accidents during the weekend, 3 p.m. – 9 p.m.

In 43% of cases, children were transported in a car seat. 13% – in the booster. 18% – fastened with a regular belt, another 15% of children were transported without using restraining system

In 93% a car seat or booster corresponded to the weight and height of the child.

In most cases, children were transported in the back seat of the car near the side window. When two children were transported, they are most often located in the rear seats near the side windows

It’s 1.8 times more likely for a child to get serious injuries without using a car seat than when using it

Car seat allowed to avoid injuries to the neck and spine of a child

Injuries, without threats to life, received by children in car seats, were either of medium severity, or satisfactory and did not require long-term treatment.

The probability of death in an accident at a speed exceeding 60 km/h at the time of the accident without the use of a car seat increases 3 times

Without any restraining system, even if there are no threats to the life of the child, the severity of injuries is much higher than with the use of restraining system and in particular car seats.

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