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PA 06-2-2757 Phuket ‘toward decade of action’
  1. Wiwat Seetamanotch1,
  2. Surangsri Seetamanotch2
  1. 1WHO CCS on Road Safety, Thailand
  2. 2Thalang hospital, Thailand


Background During 1997 – 2006, Phuket was one of the top five traffic accident in Thailand of 200–400 death per year.

Method The three key factors that contribute to solve the problems are:

  1. Forceful Management ‘The Triangle that Moves the Mountain Model’ is the model that link three capitals to work together.

    • STATE CAPITAL: Since 2015, every Phuket’s governor has set a target to reduce deaths to less than 50 percent by 2018 (31 per 1 00 000 population) The Provincial Road Safety Committee run a regular meeting to achieve the goal.

    • SOCIAL NETWORK CAPITAL ‘working together’: There are more than 20 publics and private organizations working together. The network met 2–3 times per month focus on the problems. Over 200 million baht was contributed to correct the problems.

    • INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL: Collaboration between local researchers and institutions. Based on statistics to analyze causes and risk factors for the prevention plan, execution, and evaluation.

  2. Recondition the Black Spot ‘Cost–Effective Intervention’: Since 2008 Phuket had fixed more than 200 black spots.

  3. Intense Law Enforcement: Regarding enforcement of traffic laws, Phuket was among the highest rate of law enforcement in Thailand.

Results Head injuries decreased from 37.1 in 2011 to 20.6 in 2015. Deaths from drunk driving decreased 8.8% in 2016.The number of deaths was decreased from 63.52 in 2012 to 34.76 per 1 00 000 people in 2016.

Lesson learnt

  • Forceful management, together with multi–sectoral collaboration, plays the major role in integration and effective resource mobilization among stakeholders.

  • Reconditioning of Black Spots contributes to a great risk reduction and is highly cost–effective

  • Safety behavior change needs a strong law enforcement.

  • New technology can be used for more effective law enforcement.

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