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PW 0579 Awareness regarding emergency management of dental trauma among school teachers
  1. Vijaya Kiran Hegde
  1. A.J.Institute of Dental Sciences


Introduction Dental trauma among school children is an important oral health problem worldwide. This leads to malpositioned teeth, pulpal death and also may affect the aesthetics of the child. The prognosis for success often depends on time taken to treat the tooth following trauma. Usually traumatic dental injury occurs mostly in schools. School teachers’ role in management of traumatic injuries plays a vital role in the prognosis of the treatment. Hence the aim of the study is to assess the awareness of school teachers with regard to emergency management of dental trauma in schools.

Methodology A cross-sectional study was done for a period of three months among school teachers in Mangaluru, India. Teachers present on the day of data collection and who gave consent were a part of the study. A total of 15 schools and 260 teachers were considered. Permission to conduct the study was obtained from the school authorities. The questionnaire consisted of 12 questions which were close ended. It was checked for content validity and cronbach’s alpha was used to assess the reliability.

Results The results showed that 62.3% of the study participants were females and 37.7% of them were males.68.07% of them felt that the broken part of the tooth is not important. 57.3% responded that they would clean the avulsed tooth with water and later take the child to the dentist. Only 24.23% of them had received training on management of dental trauma. 86.15% of them felt that they need educational programme in management of dental trauma.

Conclusion The study shows a lack of awareness among teachers. Thus initiatives needs to be taken by inclusion of this topic in teachers’ curricular training and dentists can play a vital role in educating the teachers.

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