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PA 06-1-2627 The reduction of traffic accidents by5s strategy with participation from the community aumphur thungsalieum
  1. Ketkarn Thipthimwong
  1. Thungsaliam Hospital, Sukhothai, Thailand


This Participation action research aims to: 1. Analysis of traffic accidents 2. Develop a model to reduce traffic accidents with 5S strategies. Community participation and evaluation of the use of accident reduction. Research tools include: Method of operation 1) Study the context of traffic accident by using information (S1) from report (traffic, company And the Haddon Matrix. (s. 2).59 villages surveyed. Risk and planning. 2) Risk prevention plan with multidisciplinary team. ) Invited participants 5 pillars. Traffic, Local, Hospital, Transportation, Transportation Best Value (4). 3) Implement the Participation Plan 5). There were 59 accident prevention partners, president by the sheriff. Follow the agenda. 4) Reflect the information back in the meeting. Each project a quality wheel (Plan, Do, Check, Act) under the concept of clear goals. Performance: Traffic accidents occurred in working men between 17.00–22.00 pm, alcoholic drinks (80.66%), motorcycles (81.22%), and roadside villages (55.08%). The death rate from traffic accidents decreased from 11.75 to 4 per 1 00 000 population. The number of accidents decreased from 936 to 602, the lowest in the province for 3 years. Both 59 villages and 5 pillars of the district. Continuous operation Criticism and summary/Suggestions The results of this project can create individuals and prototype families. There were innovations as follows: 1 Tambon 10 Kms Reduced Duration 2) EMS Member Club 1,Just One Click 3) White trees Suggestions should be constantly monitored because traffic accidents can occur at any time. They should be adapted to the context and adapted to the activity Plans to continue 1. Connect to Service Plan 2. Develop Fast Tract 3. Link with DHS-RTI and cultivate in youth and prototype groups to create a culture of safety. To build sustainability

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