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PW 2494 Analysis on the characteristics of violence based on data from the chinese national injury surveillance system in 2016
  1. Jingyi Jia1,
  2. Leilei Duan2,
  3. Xin Gao2
  1. 1Experimental High School attached to Beijing Normal University
  2. 2Chinese Center for Disease Control And Prevention


Object This study aimed to obtain the prevalence features and to find the risk factors of violence in China, and provide basis and formulate the prevention strategies.

Methods The violence hospital information was from The National Injury Surveillance System (NISS) in 2016. This system included 126 hospitals from 43 surveillance points. We analyzed the data from NISS about patients caused by violence with the parameter of ‘intentional’ injury.

Results The proportion of victims of violence had overall declined during the past 3 years. The number of violence related cases in 2013 was 50 333, while that of 2016 decreased to 36141, including 25 483 males and 10 553 females. The male violence mortality was higher than that of female, and the rural was higher than urban. Blunt injury was the leading maltreatment injury (68.2%), followed by sharp injury (12.3%). The main violence occurrence place was commercial and service center (21.8%), and people working in commerce and service industry had the highest risk of maltreat and violence (21.5%). Home were the main violence occurrence places for 1˜4 years old children and people older than 65, and school was the main place of violence against the children over 5 years old. Most cases’ committer had educational levels as junior (37.4%) or senior high schools(29.6%), and the ratio of severe injury declined in better educated group.

Conclusions The prevention programs targeting the violence at commercial and service center, and domestic violence should be prioritized. Education could be an effective method of violence prevention.

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