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PW 2426 Social safety audits for women’s safety in india – need of the day
  1. Srivani Narayanam,
  2. Narayanam Narasimha Murthy
  1. Jagruthi Kiran Consultants, Nagpur, India


Background Safety audits are a method of assessing personal safety concerns. They can be used by people who want to take positive action to make public spaces safer. Safety audits can lead to an improvement in the physical environment in ways that will reduce the opportunities for crime, making public places like neighbourhoods, parks and streets safer for everyone.

Methods Safety audits focus on working together to increase people’s safety in public public places such as: parks, bus stops, streets, the workplace, colleges and universities, underground parking garages, school yards, washrooms in shopping malls, transit system, laundry rooms, parking lots, recreation centres, and anywhere you feel unsafe.

Safety audits aim to 1)Identify possible crime sites in public spaces; 2)Address crime-related safety concerns by making recommendations to appropriate authorities and owners of space directed at removing or reducing opportunities for crime; 3)Help the community to monitor the implementation of recommendations.

Results Benefits to your community may include: getting to know your neighbours better reduced feelings of fear, incidence of crime physical changes that make a place feel safer increased participation in community programs (night-time) increased community pride.

Conclusions In India women’s safety has reduced due to social insecurity and crime against women. There are many rapes, molestations, harassment, teasing of middle/old aged women, young girls in last few years. Everyday there is some incident happening some India’s corner. Hence social safety audit is needed for women’s safety and it is need of the day. This will improve image of India in international level and give better lifestyle and social movement to women in India.

  • Social Safety Audit
  • Women’s Safety
  • India

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