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PW 1109 The strategy for promotion of good care in mexican maternity wards: the response of ministry of health against abuse and disrespectin childbirth
  1. Rosario Valdez-Santiago1,
  2. Luz Arenas1,
  3. Anabel Rojas1,
  4. Aurora del Rio2,
  5. Luis Villanueva Egan3
  1. 1National Institute of Public Health, Mexico
  2. 2Ministry of Health- Mexico
  3. 3Hospital General de Ciudad Obregón Sonora-México


Objective Describe the design and implementation of an intervention to confront the abuse and disrespect of women during childbirth care in Mexico.

Methods Two methodological strategies were contemplated. The first consisted of a review of conventional literature and gray literature for Latin America and the Caribbean, whose objective was to identify previous experiences in the design of interventions to address abuse and disrespect of women during delivery care. The second was design and implementation of the intervention in national level, it was carried out between 2014–2016.

Results Literature review: Only seven articles were identified in the category of interventions in Latin America; however, none of them contributed content or methodologies that could be used to design the training.

Intervention design A 40 hour training workshop was designed for multidisciplinary health personnel [PSM] involved in obstetric care. The state head of the family violence program saw the facilitating team from a profile defined by the research team. The purpose was to train the facilitating team as replicators of the workshops, for which the training was divided into thematic contents [human rights, reproductive health, maternal death, clinical practice guidelines], and technical [group dynamics to favor personal reflection and the one related to the care provided to women who come for obstetric care].

The Ministry of Health organized training in stages, to cover the 32 entities in the country.

Conclusion Some needs have been identified:

It will be necessary to involve the hospital authorities, middle and top managers of the entities, decision makers to state level to consolidate this initiative.

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