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PL 04 Violence: striking towards a zero-tolerance society


Background Violence is a complex and widespread phenomenon comparable to an epidemic. Different forms of violence occur in all regions, ranging from interpersonal violence to armed conflicts. It can take place in both the public and private spheres. People of all ages and races are susceptible to one or another form of violence and its consequences. Negative effects of violence can take many forms, be they physical, psychological, social or economic. Violence also renders long-term intergenerational impact on children living with violence. Despite its preventable nature, violence is often perceived as inevitable. Considerable efforts have been made to solve the problem at its end, with measures to protect people already effected by violence.

This plenary invites the speakers and audience to envision the way forwards to a non-violent society. It moves the discussion of violence elimination beyond protective measures by highlighting prevention as a long-term strategy. The session will start with an overview of different forms of violence, including their prevalence and consequences. It will then emphasize the profiling of effective interventions and preventive measures to eradicate violence. The plenary is expected to generate ideas contributive to the fulfilment of relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


  1. To give an overview of the global, including data on prevalence, trend and consequences of different forms of violence.

  2. To generate a discussion on effective interventions and preventive measures as a long–tern strategy to tackle violence.

  3. To generate ideas contributive to the fulfilment of relevant SDGs.

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