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84 Dispossessing firearms from domestic violence perpetrators: does it matter for workplace intimate partner homicides?
  1. Mitchell Doucette,
  2. Shannon Frattaroli
  1. US Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


Statement of Purpose Workplace homicide (WPH) is the number one cause of death among female workers. Workplace Intimate Partner Homicide (WP-IPH) accounts for a large portion of female WPH. Greater than 80% of all-type WPH involve a firearm. State laws that include firearm dispossession provisions within their Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO) legislation are associated with reduced rates of intimate partner homicide (IPH). We sought to determine, at the state-level, if differences between firearm and non-firearm WP-IPH exist by presence of firearm dispossession provisions.

Methods We ascertained counts of firearm and non-firearm female WP-IPH occurring from 2011–2015 from the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries. We calculated state-specific rates of WP-IPH per million female workers using Bureau of Labour Statistics labour force estimates. Presence of firearm dispossession provisions were determined using legal research. We used a χ2 test for statistical independence to examine differences. We compared rates of WP-IPH within mechanism of death using rate ratios.

Results Findings from this study will ascertain if there are statistical differences between WP-IPH committed by firearms versus non-firearms by the presence of firearm dispossession provisions. Rate ratios will determine if the rates of WP-IPH committed by firearms are similar across states with and without firearm dispossession provisions.

Conclusion/Significance This is the first study to examine DVRO firearm dispossession provisions and WP-IPH. Results will be relevant for policy makers interested in worker safety and health.

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