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Thank you to our reviewers 2016

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The Editor would like to publicly acknowledge the people listed below who served as reviewers on the journal during 2016. Without their efforts, the quality of the journal could not be sustained.

Abdalla, Safa

Adams, Christy

Addo, Bright

Aidoo, Eric

Al-hamdani, Mohammed

Alexander, Keith

Allareddy, Veerajalandhar

Alphonsus, Khrisha

Ameratunga, Shanthi

Anglemyer, Andrew

Arbogast, Kristy

Ashraf, Aabid

Austin, Laurel

Ayubi, Erfan

Bachynski, Kathleen

Bashir, Zarnaaz

Bass, Cameron

Bates, Lyndel

Beck, Ben

Bel, Kathy

Bell, Jeneita

Berli, Corina

Bernick, Charles

Betts, Lucy

Beuhler, Michael C

Bishai, David

Blackman, Ross A

Blank, Danilo

Bliss, Tony

Bonander, Carl

Boufous, Soufiane

Bowman, Stephen

Boyle, Adrian

Branas, Charles

Braund, Rhiannon

Brennan, Iain

Brown, Ryan P

Bruce, Beth

Brussoni, Mariana

Bugeja, Lyndal

Campos-Fumero, Adriana

Casavant, Marcel

Chariot, Patrick

Chen, Chen

Chen, Ying-Yeh

Cheung, Yee Tak Derek

Choo, Esther K

Christie, Nicola

Cicchino, …

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