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233 Development and implementation of safe schools in austria our road to success
  1. Sabine Distl1,
  2. Peter Spitzer1,
  3. Gudula Brandmayr2,
  4. Brigitte Stricker3
  1. 1Safe Kids Austria/Grosse Schuetzen Kleine, Austria
  2. 2Rein Lower and Upper Secondary School, Austria
  3. 3Lannach Primary School, Austria


Background We initiated and designed Safe School Communities, developed structures for implementation and evaluation in close cooperation with two different types of schools: Lannach Primary School and Rein Secondary School.

Description The first step was to motivate responsible persons of the advantages to becoming a designated Safe School. Together with them the second step was to establish a Steering Committee comprising all stakeholders and relevant representatives for safety in the schools and their community.

Results Each Safe School Committee has been developing programs for all ages and genders, with specific safety programs for those most at risk of injury.

Lannach Primary School was designated as International Safe School in May 2015. The data and evaluation of the developed and realised programs prove that their initiatives are effective.

Rein Secondary School also established a board of pupils – the elected Health and Safety School Representatives (two from each class) – to address the needs of students. During his site visit to the school in May 2015 Max Vosskuhler made the following statement: ‘Rein is easily the best example of what International Safe Schools is trying to do. Their faculty, students and staff showed clear commitment and understanding.’ The application to be designated as the first Safe School at the secondary level in Austria is the next step.

Conclusions It is helpful to implicate approved methodologies and follow the International Indicators for Safe Schools.

Lannach Primary School as the first International Safe School in Austria has a leading role, which makes it easier to share successful projects and programs with other schools – especially within the Safe Children Community Deutschlandsberg.

To develop and realise projects it is adjuvant to have additional financial support. The Austrian Workers Compensation Board and the Styrian Government are relevant partners of Safe Kids Austria assisting these two pilot schools.

  • Safe School Communities
  • Primary School
  • Secondary School
  • Grosse schuetzen Kleine
  • Safe Kids Austria

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