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229 A norwegian pathway to community safety – based on norwegian laws and regulations and the safe community concept
  1. Eva Jakobson Vaagland
  1. Norwegian Safety Forum


Background Norwegian Safety Forum (NSF) was established in 1985 to provide information on all aspects of injuries and safety, and to promote co-operation between private and public sector and non-governmental organisations. It's a well established meeting place with a wide range of experience in the field of injury prevention and safety promotion. NSF has been the national centre for Safe Community-work in Norway since 2004, and also functions as an “International Safe Community Support Centre”.

An updated Law of Public Health was introduced in Norway in 2012 where preventive efforts were given a broader attention. The same focus was echoed in the health sector reform, the Strategy for Universal Accessibility and the Planning- and Building Act. These laws and regulations give Norway a supportive framework, and a potential to gain interest for safety work on community level.

Results A new model for community safety has been developed based on Norwegian laws and regulations and the Safe Community concept. The national model is developed to meet the specific political and administrative demands on Norwegian municipalities in terms of health, safety, plan processes etc. The model is based on long term, systematic, evidence based safety efforts. It promotes inter- and cross-sector cooperation, sustainable projects and broad participation from all parts of society. The model is a useful tool for communities turning national policies into local realities.

Conclusion The national model was launched in 2014. It has motivated new municipalities to join the national network and put community safety on the local agenda. The Norwegian national network includes nationally as well as internationally designated communities. I all 22 municipalities and 2 counties are designated, and another 15–20 are part of the network but not yet designated. NSFs work with community safety is specifically mentioned in the new National Program for Public Health.

  • local based injury prevention
  • community safety
  • participation

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