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227 Key success on participation in national and international safe communities networks
  1. Mirjana Milankov,
  2. Mila Radovanovic,
  3. Dunja Mitrovic
  1. National Centre for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, ASCSC of WHO CC CSP OMEP Serbia Novi Sad, Serbia


More than twenty years, Safe Community Movement is one of the most important international interventional program of WHO in the field of injury prevention and safety promotion. The program has started in WHO CC CSP in Karolinska institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. Safe Community is the style, method and philosophy of life. Improving the quality of life, reduce morbidity and mortality from injuries and violence are the results of numerous studies and activities that are integrated into the seven indicators for safe communities. Local communities are taking the initiative from the down to the top to meet the proclaimed seven indicators and thus create a national and international network of Safe Communities. The basic principles from Manifesto for Safe Communities, “All human beings have an equal right to health and safety” is a fundamental aspect of the WHO, Health for All strategy and for the WHO Global Programme on Accident Prevention and Injury Control. The success of Safe Community Movement is result of different programs, education and trainings, safety products, safety environment and change behaviour.This premise has led to community action around the world actions leading to Safe Communities. From the first Safe Community Lidköping, Sweden, (1989), from the smallest Safe Community Northcottm Australia (2006), from the bigest Safe community Zhongshan District, Dalian, China (2011) to today there are 349 designated safe communities in International network. That is the real success of leader Leif Svanstrom, safe communities experts and local people around the around the world, and their wishes to make world the safer place for life.

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