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149 Improving safety awareness in waste transport work
  1. Pia Perttula,
  2. Simo Salminenand Vuokko Puro
  1. Finnish Institute of Occupational Health Finland


Background Improving resilience in waste transport is essential for the successful management of operations despite the changes and disruptions that take place during the working day. Waste transfers are an example of work in which unpredictable events occasionally occur, and workers need to make quick decisions on how to operate in order to perform all their work in the given time. Being prepared for disruptions and changes helps workers react and continue working without causing extra delays, and this preparedness increases their safety, health and well-being.

Methods The outcome of the study is a tool for workplaces. This tool was developed after gathering and analysing data from participating companies by present state analysis. Participants also answered a questionnaire on undesired events and waste transport workers’ reactions to sudden changes and outcomes.

Results The significance of management for safety in a waste transport worker’s everyday work seems substantial. The tool created for improving the safety of waste transport workers requires managers of waste transport companies to present safety issues monthly. These monthly brief information packages include questions to activate waste transport workers to think about, for example, how to handle excessively heavy waste cans, or guidance on working in high temperatures.

Conclusions The importance of safety is appreciated by both foremen and workers. However, the need to perform one’s job in a given time may often surpass safety requirements. This is why safety issues need to be regularly addressed and practically communicated to workers. This tool for directly addressing safety issues on a monthly basis among a particular occupational group was created in order to improve workers’ safety.

  • safety
  • resilience
  • disruption
  • safety communication

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