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123 Preparedness and regional differencies in Finland
  1. Heikki Laurikainen
  1. The Finnish National Rescue Association


Background Finland is sparsely populated country were infrastructure varies between urban and rural regions. Safety and security services are part of the local infrastructure and provided by the state and local municipalities. Hypothesis is that regional differences, for example lack of rescue and security services in rural regions, has affected preparedness culture and injury prevention among population. Research is needed to define the essence of local resilience.

Methods The research examines regional differences by using data from two separated surveys (1. N = 3000 and 2. N = 1000). The data have been collected on 2015. Analysing data by using statistical methods it’s possible to reveal differences, based on regions, among population.

Results There are a significant differences between rural and urban population. Compared to cities most of the Finns rates countryside more safe and secure place to live. Especially those who live in rural area considers countryside safer place to live. In rural areas population also strongly believes, compared to urban population that neighbours are providing assistance in case of emergency. In rural areas population is more prepared to manage in emergency conditions. In rural areas rescue and security services are less provided in urban environments. However results reveal that services are seen as important as in urban areas even supply of services is weaker.

Conclusions These results reveal that population in the rural areas have higher level of self-preparedness than population have in urban areas. Lack of rescue and security services may be one of the key factors to enhance self-preparedness.

  • safety culture
  • urban-rural dynamics
  • injury prevention
  • rural studies
  • preparedness

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