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1044 Collecting leisure time accident information from employees
  1. Toni Hyytinen,
  2. Jouni Kivistö-Rahnasto
  1. Tampere University of Technology


Background Most accidents occur during leisure time and therefore advanced companies have started to promote leisure time safety at the workplaces. Problem has arisen that employers do not know how much and what kind of leisure time accidents occur to their staff. Therefore, comprehensive leisure time accident information would be important when companies target promoting to right areas of leisure time safety. The aim of this study was to find out effective methods to collect information of leisure time accidents from employees.

Methods Methods for collecting leisure time accident information were contructed and tested in four case companies. In total, five different kind of collecting methods was planned, implemented and validated in cooperation with the case companies.

Results Collecting leisure time accident information was successful with three of the five tested methods. In total, 324 leisure time accident cases were reported by employees with tested methods in four case companies.

Conclusions Experiences of this study suggest that informing and marketing are more important factors in successful collecting of leisure time accident information than actual method to collect. Adding collecting to already existing method rather than creating a totally new one could also improve chances of successful collecting.

  • leisure time safety
  • leisure time accidents
  • promoting safety
  • collecting accident data

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