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1043 The district level –road traffic accident investigation team development for solving problem system in 9th Regional Health Office, Thailand, 2013 – 2014
  1. Kanjana Yangkao,
  2. Kanyarat Srakaew
  1. The Office of Disease Prevention and Control 9 ,Th Nakhonratchasima Province,Thailand


Background In 2013, Thailand ranked the world’s third in highest road fatalities.To solve the problem, A data collection should be collected systematically including person, place, time, risk behaviour, risk factor and process of working. So, a development program should be held in order to enhance investigation and data analysis skills for creating specific measures.

Methods This project was purpose for enhancing the team investigation-skill efficiency in order to solve the road traffic accident problem by using the investigated data. The action research is used for developing the mutidisciplinary field road traffic investigation teams. The program is provided in 46 district in 9 th Regional Health Office from October 2013 to September 2014.

Results Two teams from 46 teams can create two specific measures, Firstly the 97 community checkpoints manage by the villagers at Phutthaisong district in Burirum province. In Songkran festival 2014, They prohibited 325 drunken villagers from driving. The result showed that the injury from road traffic accidents decrease 72% from last year.The other measure is rest area on main road in order to prevent drawsy driving by network co-operation at Kaengkhro district in Chaiyaphum province.

Conclusions As the result of the project every district should have the road traffic accident investigation with intensively training to analyse the data, investigate the cause of accident and suggest the way to solve problem to the related local government office.

  • road traffic accident investigation team

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