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1041 Effective information campaign for maneagement of exposure to hand-arm vibration
  1. Riitta Sauni1,
  2. Pauliina Toivio1,
  3. Esko Toppila2,
  4. Rauno Pääkkönen1,
  5. Jukka Uitti1,3
  1. 1Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Tampere, Finland
  2. 2Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Helsinki, Finland
  3. 3Clinic of Occupational Medicine, Tampere University Hospital, Tampere, Finland


Background European Directive 2002/44/EC defines employers’ responsibilities in the risk management of hand-arm vibration (HAV). However, the directive is still not completely implemented in all risk industries.

Methods The aim of our study was to determine whether it is possible to improve the recognition and management of the risks of HAV at workplaces with a one-year information campaign. A questionnaire on opinions and measures for controlling HAV exposure at workplaces was sent to all occupational safety representatives and occupational safety managers in the construction and metal industry in Finland (n = 1887) and once again to those who responded to the first questionnaire (n = 961) one year after the campaign.

Results The campaign increased recognition of HAV in risk assessment from 57.0% to 68.3% (p = 0.001), increased measures to decrease exposure to HAV from 54.6% to 64.2% (p = 0.006), and increased the number of programmes to control the risks due to HAV (p < 0.001).

Conclusions The information campaign, which focuses on the construction and metal industries, proved to be effective in increasing the awareness of the risks of HAV and the measures needed to control exposure to HAV. A similar campaign can be recommended in the case of risks specific to certain occupations.

  • Hand-arm vibration
  • exposure
  • intervention
  • information campaign
  • construction
  • metal industry

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