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1038 Factors associated with maxillofacial fractures in hassan district, South India: a retrospective study
  1. Utkarsha Lokesh1,
  2. Shishir Kamath2
  1. 1Rajivgandhi Health University, Karnataka, India
  2. 2Rajivgandhi Health University, Karnataka, India


Background Injuries are the major public health problem in India. The present study was conducted to assess the aetiology, prevalence and pattern of facial fractures amongst the treated cases of maxillofacial fractures at the trauma centres in Hassan District, South India.

Methods Retrospective data of three years, 2011to 2014 was collected from records of five trauma-treating centres of a Hassan District in Southern India. Age, sex, aetiology, location of fractures and various other variables were collected.

Results Total 208 patients were treated in the hospitals for facial bone fractures. Men were more affected than women with a male to female ratio of 6:1. Nearly 50% of patients were aged between 21–30 years and road traffic injuries (62.85%) caused most of the fractures, mostly among non-helmet two wheeler users. Road traffic injuries causing facial fractures occurred predominantly on weekdays (Tuesday and Wednesday). Chi-square test was used to test for significance and a p-value < 0.05 is regarded as significant. 60.35% of patients had fractures of mandible followed by 24.85% of zygomatic bone and 5.31% of maxillary bone.

Conclusions This study has shown that road traffic Injuries are responsible for most of the maxillofacial fractures. Non-helmet usage among two wheeler users being the most common factor, which needs to be addressed through education and enforcement.

  • Maxillofacial fractures
  • injuries
  • two wheeler users

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