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1002 Training and involvement of medical students from romania in the field of injury prevention and safety promotion
  1. Lucia Maria Lotrean,
  2. Cristian Bogdan Dascal
  1. University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Background The medical curriculum and involvement of undergraduate students in injury prevention and safety promotion can play an important role in increasing awareness of its importance and in equipping students with appropriate knowledge and skills regarding this issue. This paper focuses on the situation encountered at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Cluj-Napoca, Romania which prepares for medical profession both Romanian students which are taught in Romanian (Romanian section) and students from other countries which are taught in English (English section).

Objectives This study presents data regarding medical curricula and involvement of Romanian undergraduate medical students with respect to the following areas of injury prevention and safety promotion: 1.research 2. development, implementation and evaluation of educational programs and campaigns 3. emergency medical services 4. capacity building, cooperation and leadership.

Results There are several strengths which should be pointed out such as training of medical students regarding first aid and management of different types of accidents, as well as their involvement in extracurricular activities in the field of emergency medical services. Even to a less extent, they receive also training in the field of prevention of injuries and development of educational activities; some of them are also involved in volunteer activities regarding education of children and adolescents for injury prevention and safety promotion, such as programs developed by the Organisation of Medical Students or the Department of Community Medicine from the university. Training and involvement in the field of research, capacity building and cooperation have several weaknesses, but examples of some activities of research developed by few medical students can be also presented.

Conclusions The presentation underlines the strengths and weaknesses and makes recommendations for future improvements regarding the presented issues.

  • medical curricula
  • educational activities
  • safety promotion
  • Romanian medical students

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