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991 Are alcohol abuse and mental health problems associated with experience of intimate partner violence among person with children
  1. Marianne Sipilä1,2,
  2. Tuovi Hakulinen1,2,
  3. Eija Paavilainen2
  1. 1National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland
  2. 2University of Tampere, Finland


Background Intimate partner violence is a serious problem worldwide and has long been identified as a significant health endangering factor. This study aimed to investigate the associations of intimate partner violence with alcohol abuse and mental health problems among persons with children.

Methods We used population-based cross-sectional data from self-administered questionnaires collected in 2012–2013. The sample was randomly selected from the National Population Register in Finland for the Regional Health and Well-being Survey (ATH) (N = 65 000, response rate 53%). Respondents with children under the age of 18 were selected to this study (n = 6290). Associations between intimate partner violence and socio-economic factors, depression, alcohol use, and suicidal intention were analysed using logistic regression.

Results Among those living with children 10.8% of men and 11.2% of women reported experiences of intimate partner violence. Experiences of violence were most prevalent in the age group of less than forty years, among those who were married or cohabited (81%) compared to single parent, and who had basic education or secondary vocational level training compared to polytechnic or higher level training. In the univariate analysis factors which were statistically significantly associated with the experience of violence were cohabited (OR 1.0), having suicidal intentions (OR = 3.24) and reporting melancholic feelings or depression during last 12 months (OR = 2.48). Those with polytechnic or higher level education had slightly smaller odds for experiencing violence than those having basic education or less secondary level education. Alcohol consumption was not associated with experience of violence in this sample.

Conclusions This national survey shows the necessity to recognise intimate partner violence and its associations to alcohol use, low mood, depression and suicidal intentions. These associations should be addressed when developing health and social services and health promotion.

  • Intimate partner violence
  • Substance abuse
  • Depression
  • Suicidal intention

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