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964 Risk factors for hip fractures due to falls in the elderly during one year 2014/15 in kiev
  1. Vladyslav Ashrafutdinov1,
  2. Johan Lund2
  1. 1University of Oslo
  2. 2Norwegian Directorate of Health, Oslo


Background Hip fracture is one of the most serious injuries that can be experienced in the elderly: 20-30% will die in the following year and many more will experience significant functional loss. Moreover hip fracture implies long-lasting great financial expenditure for patient’s treatment. 90% of hip fractures are caused by falls. This study seems to be the first investigation of risk factors for hip fractures in Ukraine.

Methods Study was carried out in two Kiev hospitals. A sample of 50 patients 55+ treated from February 2014 to January 2015 was collected, 45 were in -depth interviewed about their hip fracture experience. Study design was qualitative, retrospective and prospective, case exploratory. Observational method and in-depth interviewing were applied.

Results Most common causation of fall leading to hip fracture was stumbling/tripping over different barriers. Indoors risk factors were thresholds, loose wire, broken interior elements. Outdoors risk factors were pets, broken asphalt, and some architectural forms.

In wintertime the main risk factor was slippery surface. Other accident types were pushing, loss of balance, colliding with other person.

Conclusions Numerous environmental risk factors were identified, the most common were icy/wet surface and physical barriers like thresholds, pets and loose wire. Slipping has significance in wintertime, while stumbling/tripping, pushing and loss of balance can occur throughout the year. A set of recommendations was proposed.

  • Hip fractures
  • risk factors
  • in-depth investigation

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