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91 National action plan on workers’ health in the Russian federation
  1. Igor Bukhtiyarov,
  2. Evgeny Shigan,
  3. Nina Rubtsova
  1. FSBSI “Research Institute of Occupational Health”, Moscow, Russia


Background Resolution WHA 60.26 “Workers’ Health: Global Plan of Action” urges countries to develop national action plans on workers’ health according to the WHO global plan of action on workers’ health 2008–2017.

Description of the problem The Russian Federation (RF) has developed strategic and operational plans for workers’ health at the federal and sub-national level. Such plan should include: national profiles; priorities for action; objectives and targets; actions; mechanisms for implementation; human and financial resources; monitoring, evaluation and updating; reporting and accountability.

Results The action plan of occupational health is developed in accordance to policy of WHO collaborating centres for occupational health network The purpose of activity is to review the lessons learned from the previous plans and strategies on workers’ health in RF, to develop a national profile of the situation on workers’ health and to set up a planning process for updating the national action plan on workers’ health in collaboration with WHO and other countries. FSBSI “Research Institute of Occupational Health” carries out active work directed to working conditions optimisation, protecting workers’ health, and decrease working losses dealing with occupational and work related diseases, invalidity and premature mortality, that will result in creation of the best conditions to increase the population and working longevity. The plan is focused to ensure full coverage of all workers, including those employed in the informal sector, small and medium enterprises and agriculture, as well as migrant workers, etc. in the field of occupational health.

Conclusions The concept of implementation of state policy aimed at Russian workers’ health maintaining for the period up to 2020 and future includes the national action plan on workers’ health and contains main principles and measures directed occupational health and safety ensuring.

  • Occupational health
  • national plan of action

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