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935 Significance of traditional masculinity for the prediction of injuries in male adolescents
  1. Natko Geres,
  2. Milan Milosevic,
  3. Aida Mujkić
  1. University of Zagreb, School of Medicine, Andrija Stampar School of Public Health, Zagreb, Croatia


Background Risk from injuries and accidents is increased for men in comparison to women. Young men are especially at risk. There is a complexity of interactions between environmental and personal factors (masculinity, impulsivity, depression and indicators of socioeconomic status, micro and macro environment) in relation to risky behaviours and injuries and accidents. Men have higher incidence of risky behaviours (for instance, alcohol use) that contribute to injuries. Existing studies put emphasis on exploring traditional masculine attitudes as factors contributing to this trend.

Methods Research was implemented by using already existing, validated tools on 1. Injuries and accidents: Youth Risk Behaviour Survey-YRBS (CDC, 2013), 2. Masculinity: Male Role Norm Inventory- Adolescent- revised (MRNI-A-R), 3. Socioeconomic status: Indicators of socioeconomic status for adolescents using Family affluence scale as measure of family wealth and 4. Experiences of injuries and accidents using Injury Checklist )Jelalian, 1997) and HIP scale (hyperactivity, impulsivity, attention). Respondents were 2nd and 3rd grade Zagreb high school students.

Results We have just finished the field work and still didn’t analyse questionnaires. The results will be available in the next months.

Conclusions At the moment we can’t give conclusions but the hypothesis is: Expressed masculine attitudes measured through 5 dimensions (Avoidance of Femininity, Self-Reliance, Aggression, Achievement/Status and Restrictive Emotionality) are significant predictors of risk for safety in the population of high school students aged 16 and 17 in the City of Zagreb.

  • accidents
  • male adolescents
  • masculinity

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