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930 Risk factors of traumatic brain injuries between the youngsters
  1. Enkelejda Shkurti,
  2. Diamant Shtiza
  1. University of Medicine, Albania


Background The elevated occurrence of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) between the youngsters has brought much spotlight to this area in current years. Sports harms have been recognised as a major instrument. Even though vigour drinks, counting those mixed with alcohol, are frequently used by juvenile athletes and other youngsters they have not been observed in relation to TBI. We examined the occurrence of youngsters’ TBI and its alliances with vigour drinks, alcohol and energy drink assorted in with alcohol use.

Methods Data were obtained from the Institute of Public Health in Albania. This cross-sectional school study comprised 7430 students from high school (aged 14–20) who fulfilled self-administered questionnaires in classrooms.

Results Between the participants, 25.6% (95% CI: 21.3, 23.8) expressed a record of TBI. Sports harms remain the major instrument of a current TBI (44.8%, 95% CI: 40.6, 49.4). Logistic regression demonstrated that compared with youngsters who never maintained a TBI, the odds of supporting a current TBI were bigger than those using alcohol, vigour drinks, and energy drinks assorted in with alcohol than abstainers. In relation to current TBI thanks to other reasons of harm, youngsters who carried on a current TBI whereas playing sports had bigger odds of current energy drinks use than abstainers.

Conclusions TBI continues to be a immobilising and ordinary circumstance abetween the youngsters and the use of alcohol, vigour drinks, and alcohol assorted with vigour drinks promote the enhancement of the odds of TBI between the youngsters. These alliances necessitate additional research.

  • Vigour drinks
  • Alcohol
  • sport harm
  • Albania

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