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88 Teaming up for safety – using risk assessement tools
  1. Eva Jakobson Vaagland
  1. Norwegian Safety Forum


Background Public health work in Norway is mainly focused on lifestyle diseases, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and the prevention of these. Much less interest is put into injury prevention and safety promotion, although life lost due to injuries is a major cause of death up to 45 years of age, and caring for injuries is a costly part of the national health service. We need to increase awareness about the scope of injuries, causes of injuries and the potential for injury prevention and safety promotion.

Objective The objective is saving lives and protecting people from injuries, by spreading information, and inviting groups to take part in risk assessment work. We want to put safety and injury prevention on the radar of organisations, NGOs, institutions, societies, teams, families, neighbours and individuals. By increasing knowledge and awareness we hope to change attitude and practice.

By sharing facts, information and best practice – easily accessible on a website – we want to increase knowledge and give insight about injuries and safety promotion. We will supply tools, checklists and suggestion on how to carry out safety checks in private homes, playgrounds, outdoor areas around elderly centres etc.

The program can be used by Safe Communities to invite new groups to take part in the local safety scheme. But organisations in all parts of Norway will be invited to take part and get involved in local risk assessment. We hope that the project can be a way to promote interest in injury prevention and safety promotion on a community level.

Results The project is developed in 2015 and will be tested by communities and organisations early 2016. The initial phase; dialogue with stakeholders, developing web site, basic information etc has gained a lot of interest. By September 2016 we will have experiences to share.

Conclusions The project gives us ne possibilities to increase awareness and involve new groups in community safety.

  • Awarenes
  • Local activities
  • Risk assessment tools
  • new groups involved

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