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911 The ‘code of caring’ operational model supports children and young people
  1. Minna Koivuluoma1,
  2. Sami Perälä2,
  3. Tiina Pekkanen3,
  4. Johanna Sorvettula1,
  5. Tuija Leppäkoski4,
  6. Eija Paavilainen4
  1. 1South Ostrobothnia Health Care District
  2. 2South Ostrobothnia Health Technology Development Centre
  3. 3City of Seinäjoki
  4. 4University of Tampere, Finland


Background Families’ ill-health and aggravated problems have a direct impact on the well-being and safety of children and young people. Reactions to life’s dilemmas tend to appear only after a delay, with families attempting to cope with problems on their own. Furthermore, service provision is strongly focused on remedial services.

Methods Under an operational model called ‘the Code of caring’, children and young people and their families may request aid in coping with everyday problems. Authorities and third-sector actors also have the option of submitting requests for cooperation in order to support or aid a young person whenever they encounter nascent problems. Requests for cooperation submitted online are forwarded to Youth outreach work, the representatives of which assess the situation together with the child, young person and family, helping them to access the services they need.

Results The ‘Code of caring’ operational model and an electronic communications system are operational in the town of Seinäjoki. The voluntary nature of receiving support and the way Youth outreach work conducts it work have proved meaningful for children, young people and their families. Collaboration by Youth outreach work with the various professionals has contributed positively to collaboration addressing the concerns of children and young people, including the principle of offering services from a single service counter. The problems of children and young people addressed have been related to mental health issues, intoxicants, crises in the family, study, work, training, as well as the skills in managing personal economy and everyday life. The results of the operational model will be presented at the Safety 2016 World Conference.

Conclusions The ‘Code of caring’ operational model and the electronic communications system have proved highly functional methods, seeking to promote children’s and young people’s safety and life management skills through early supportive measures.

  • Code of caring
  • operational model
  • children
  • young people

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