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890 “See me save me” – improving the safety of cyclists
  1. Harpreet Singh Dhunna
  1. Founder President Avoid Accident, India


Background Cyclists are hard to be seen on the roads during night, rain, fog and hazy weather. Mostly these vehicles do not have any lights which could alert the other drivers to feel their presence on roads .They especially cyclist became almost invisible during the night when head lights from other side makes driver almost blind.

Description Most of the Indian population lives in rural areas and small cities. Walking and cycling remain the dominant modes of transport in small cities and rural areas.1 The pedal bicyclist constitutes a significant share of total traffic on Indian roads accounting for 15–35% of total trips.2 The incidence of head injuries in cyclists ranges from 14–36% of the total injuries.

Method We have chosen one district to make the cyclists visible on the roads .The focus is on the labour class especially and the students riding it to schools. We involved traffic police and media to make it success. We choose the spot where the labour and workers with cycles are stationed .We fix high quality reflective on the cycles to make it visible on roads. And also we guide them about the driving precautions to be observed on roads riding at night and during fog.

Results Aids to improve pedestrians and cyclist visibility have been used to avert potential collisionsVisibility aids have the potential to increase visibility and enable drivers to detect pedestrians and cyclists earlier.“Fluorescent materials in yellow, red and orange colours improve detection and recognition in the daytime. Retroreflective materials enhance recognition.

Conclusions Policy making and its enforcement is most important part of any project and which bring success to the project finally.Indian cycle industry have clear directions on reflective issues under Bureau of Indian Standards .Despite several submissions to Government we are finally moving to the Court of Justice to make it mandatory for cycle manufacturing industry to maintain the standards of reflectors.


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  2. Mohan D. Delhi: Indian institute of technology; 2004. The Road ahead traffic injuries and fatalities in India.

  • non motor vehicle safety
  • see me save me
  • be seen
  • cycle safety

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