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888 Road traffic injuries in Croatia
  1. Ivana Brkic Bilos,
  2. Maja Silobrcic Radic,
  3. Verica Kralj,
  4. Tanja Coric
  1. Croatian Institute of Public Health, Croatia


Background The objective of this paper was to analyse mortality and morbidity from road traffic injuries in Croatia, as a contribution to the awareness of this public health.

Methods The data used in the research was collected from the routine mortality and morbidity statistics, Ministry of Interior Data, European Health for All Database, as well as from the results of the Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015 (GSRRS).

Results Traffic accidents and their consequences are still a serious public health problem in Croatia. They are the leading cause of child and youth mortality and the leading cause of premature deaths within the injuries group. Croatia has lately reported a noteworthy drop in road fatalities, despite the increase in number of drivers, motor vehicles and roads. According to the Ministry of Interior data, the road traffic injury (RTI) mortality rate for Croatia in 2005 was 13.4/100.000, only to drop to 7.3/100.000 in 2014. Injuries incurred in traffic accidents account for 21.3% of all injury-related hospitalizations in 2014. Croatia has achieved sustained reductions in traffic-related injuries and fatalities through effective road safety program and good level of enforcement of legislative related to the five key risk factors for road traffic injuries which was investigated in GSRRS: speed, drink–driving, failure to use motorcycle helmets, seat-belts and child restraints. Since 1994, Croatia has implemented the National Road Safety Program, and in April of 2011 the same national draft program was adopted for the 2011–2020 period. The primary objective of the National Road Safety Program is to halve the number of road deaths by 2020.

Conclusions Though significant progress has been achieved in road safety, more systematic work will be dedicated to elevating the level of road safety in line with international initiatives and national guidelines.

  • road traffic injuries
  • road traffic accidents

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