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864 Speed control on mitraphap highway which passing through the municipality of khon kaen province by automatic speed enforcement system
  1. Nittayaporn Srihabua
  1. Khon Kaen Hospital, Thailand


Background Mitraphap highway is passing through Khon Kaen municipality. The passing length is 14 kilometres. Every year, there are an average of 500 road crashes and at least 15 road accident fatalities occurring on this road. The most common cause of road accidents in this area is related to drivers driving at speeds above the legal speed limit.

Ojectives to reduce vehicle’s speed on the 14 kilometres of the Mitraphap highway which passing through Khon Kaen’s municipality in order to reduce number of crashes and severity in this high risk area.

Methods Participation Action Research Methodology is used for this project. The research was carried out in 8 steps between January and December 2015. Step 1: Set up a working committee to conduct continuous meetings and implementation. Step 2: Working committee studies high risk areas on Mitraphap highway. Step 3: Use data analysis plan for solutions together. Step 4: Communicate data analysis with key stakeholders. Step 5: Execute prevention measures according to plan by 5.1) setting speed limit to 60 km/hr 5.2) campaign measures to detect driving speed 5.3) Educate on speed control and road traffic injury prevention 5.4) Instal traffic signs and billboard on the road 5.5) instal automatic speed detector cameras (24 hr.) and charge speed violators. Step 6: Intensive public campaign. Step 7: strict enforcement. Step 8 Analysis for the result of the implementation: The team evaluated effectiveness of the campaign by conducting data analysis and assessed attitudes of drivers toward measures to control driving speed in the controlled areas through face-to-face interviews.

Results 87% were in favour of enforcing speed limit. 79% were in agreement of using automatic speed detector cameras. 78% said they were aware of the speed limit enforced at 60 km/hr and 75% agreed that this is an appropriate speed limit. Prior to enforcing the campaign measures, data revealed that in 2014 there were 559 road accidents with 542 injuries and 22 fatalities. After implementing the campaign measures in 2015, number of road accidents reduced to 355 incidents, road accidents injuries reduced to 296 cases (OR = 0.24, 95% CI: = 0.13–0.43) and fatalities reduced to 9 cases (OR = 0.74, 95% CI: = 0.341.63). Further, in 2015 a total of 4,442 speeding tickets were issued and 69.05% of violators paid their fines.

Conclusions Results revealed that by using data to plan road accident prevention activities and develop participation of network parties to prevent and solve problems related to road accidents can reduce number of incidents and severity in this high risk area. Further, this activity also strengthened the ability among the network parties and working committee to be able to prevent and solve problems related to road accidents in other high risk areas which should be further implemented on a continuous basis.

  • road traffic accident
  • speed limit
  • enforcement
  • network parties

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