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844 Trend and current characteristics of burn from chinese national injury surveillance system from 2006 to 2013
  1. Ye Jin,
  2. Leilei Duan,
  3. Yuan Wang,
  4. Pengpeng Ye,
  5. Xiao Deng,
  6. Xin Gao,
  7. Yuliang Er,
  8. Cuirong Ji
  1. NCNCD,China CDC


Objective To understand the trend and current characteristics of burn in china by using data from the Nation Injury Surveillance System (NISS) and the results of the study would provide basis of corresponding intervention strategies and decision-making.

Method Descriptive analysis was applied to display characteristics of burn in 2013 and trend of burn from 2006 to 2013.

Results The number of burn increased from 2006 to 2013 while the proportion of burn among unintentional injuries did not change much during these years. Number of burn in male was higher than in female in the same years. However, proportion of burn among unintentional injuries in female was always slightly higher than that in male. The proportion of burn was quite high in young children comparing with other age groups. In 2013, the proportion of burn in 1–4 years old children was 8%, which was much higher than that in other ages (Average proportion for all ages was 2%). Burn ranked the third cause of child unintentional injuries for children in the age of 1–4 y. The major place that burn took place was home (64%). Recreation activates (54%) was the main way of causing the burn to happen. The most common parts of body that burn involved were upper limbs (34%) and low limbs (27%). 73% of burns were minor and 75% went home after the treatment. The proportion of serious burn had negative correlation with the level of education.

Conclusion Even though burn ranked first some places among all injuries. It should not be ignored, especially for young children. Caring children by caregivers was important for preventing child burn.

  • Burn
  • Injury
  • Surveillance

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