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823 Village injury prevention committees a drowning prevention strategy
  1. Stephen Beerman1,
  2. Mike Linnan2,
  3. Aminur Rahman3,
  4. Fazlur Rahman3,
  5. Justin Scarr4
  1. 1University of British Columbia, Canada
  2. 2The Alliance for Safe Children
  3. 3Centre for Injury Prevention and Research, Bangladesh
  4. 4Royal Life Saving Society Australia


Background Forming and facilitating Village Injury Prevention Committees is being evaluated as an interventions in the Bangladesh Anchal and SwimSafe (BASS) Child Drowning Prevention Project. The burden of child drowning in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) had become a major new public health issue. Drowning is the leading cause of death in children 1–17 yrs in Bangladesh and other LMICs. Drowning prevention recently emerged as a priority public health intervention focus.

The Bangladesh Anchal and SwimSafe (BASS) Child Drowning Prevention Research introduced low cost child interventions that are culturally appropriate, community based, safe and effective, using a life-cycle approach.

Methods Community-based Participatory Research was undertaken in a rural community under injury surveillance. The partners in the research are UBC, CIPRB, TASC and RLSSA. The interventions included Anchals, SwimSafe, First Responder/CPR and community engagement. Village Injury Prevention Committees are formed as one aspect of community engagement. Elders, spiritual leaders and village elected officials are invited to volunteer to participate in support of the drowning and injury reduction project.

Results Village Injury Prevention Committees provide advice to the BASS Child Drowning Prevention Field Team and Project Leadership Team. They assist with the transitions of thinking and actions when interventions are new or challenge traditional cultural beliefs or behaviours. The Committee assist with selection of pond and Anchal sites, notifications of programs, recruitment, coaching and support for staff. They assist with the event verbal autopsy intervention.

Conclusions Village Injury Prevention Committees assist the BASS Child Drowning Prevention Project in many important ways. Their advice to the project staff/leaders and their education and reassurance to their community, improves the effectiveness and reach of the other interventions.

  • Village
  • Committees
  • Injury
  • Prevention

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