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808 Management of injured and deceased bus passengers – analysis and lessons learnt
  1. Vladimir Dobričanin,
  2. Nemanja Radojević,
  3. Ranko Lazović
  1. Clinical Centre of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro


Background On 23rd of June 2013, around 5 o’clock PM the severe traffic accidents on the road between Kolasin and Podgorica on the bridge called “GRLO”. A traffic accident occurred when a bus from Romania broke through the railing of the bridge and landed in around 40 m the deep abyss. A total of 47 passengers were injured, of which the 15 were fatally injured on the site. A total of 32 passengers were transported to the Clinical Centre of Montenegro, which was the closest to the accident site. Three more injured died in Clinical Centre within the first 12 hours. A total of 27 passengers were treated. After four days all passengers were transported by special air medical transport to Romania.

Methods We analysed the complete management of accident by using the video material, personal experience, pictures, medical findings, the calculation of injury severity score based on the height of fall and SWOT analysis of the incident management performance.

Results The analysis shows many problems especially on the incident site beginning with site security issues pore site command management, lack of necessary fire and rescue equipment like high quality ropes, lack of necessary means for tagging the injured and deceased, poor medical transport equipment, deficiency in high quality medical triage, poor implementation of ITLS (International Trauma Life Support) standards.

Conclusions The medical emergency action plan regarding the traffic as a hazard is necessary for good quality management of such an incidents as a Mass Casualties Event. The education and good equipment can be crucial in the provision of adequate assistance and transport.

  • Bus rollover
  • Injured passengers
  • Management
  • Analysis

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