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804 Level of preparedness for prevention against terrorism in libraries: implications for librarians in Nigeria
  1. Roseline Echezona,
  2. Bredan Asogwa,
  3. Emmanuel Chigbue
  1. University of Nigeria, NSUKKA


Introduction Terrorism is becoming a common occurrence in the world today. They came like robbers. In Africa and other developing countries of the world terrorism is prevalent. Most reports on terrorist attacks revealed that they strike when no one expected.

In Nigeria, terrorist activities which started in 2009 is still on. Boko Haram Islamic militants have unleashed devastating havoc on Nigerians through bombing of worshipping centres that if adequate preparations are not established in universities, the libraries may face imminent attacks and destruction by the Islamic terrorist group.

The main objective of this paper is to examine the level of preparedness of libraries in Nigerian against terrorist attack. Specifically the study will assess the level of awareness of librarians about terrorism; examine the security policies available against terrorism in the libraries.etc

The population of the study will be all academic librarians from which management staff in the library and chief security officers in Nigerian universities will be sampled. Questionnaire and interview will be used for data. The purpose for sampling this category of librarians was because they are always involved in the policy making and policy implementations in their libraries.

Findings Libraries have policies on security, but such policies have neither been expanded nor updated to cover aspects of terrorism and man-made disasters. In view of these possible findings, academic libraries in Nigeria seem not to be adequately prepared to forestall imminent attack by terrorists on libraries in Nigerian universities. For that the implications remains that academic libraries may lose substantial volume of irreparable and irreplaceable workforce, facilities, resources and others.

The Paper recommends that more awareness about the dangers of terrorism and their mode of operation should be intensified not in the library but also in the university community. This should be done using jingles, notice boards, bill boards and other information provision media. Electronic detective machines for finding dangerous weapons should be installed in the libraries by the federal government. Library policies on security should be expanded and updated to include safety of human and library resources and be seriously implemented.

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