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792 Management of stress & musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace by Yoga, Meditation and Therapeutic Reflexology
  1. PK Goswami1,
  2. Samantha Jane Burnell2
  1. 1Labour Department, Government of Delhi
  2. 2The International Academy of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy, South Africa


Problem n the modern work environments of today, we have started putting strain on our systems as a whole- due to physical, mental and emotional demands far surpassing what our systems can bear. These exposures are going against the natural laws of nature and often done without conscious awareness of the longer-term damage. There is an extended list of occupational disorders that exist, nowadays, due to the upright skeletal position of the man, and more so because of the uninvited pressures that he has put onto the skeletal structure as a whole. The result equals the vertebral column being unable to withstand the stresses of prolonged standing or sitting down, especially when unsupported.

Description of problem Musculoskeletal disorders and diseases are common occupational problems all over the world. They are a result of the previous research of author1 “Health hazards in Small and Medium Enterprises garment industries in developing countries” has been taken for this further study. The previous study was conducted in Delhi from August-2014 to December-2014. The database and result of the study with respect to Indian population has been chosen for this further study. The study revealed that musculoskeletal problems (54%) were the commonest health problem in India. The objective of the study is to design an effective program to create an awareness surrounding the management of stress, Musculoskeletal problems as well as an effective management of pain related symptoms by using Yoga, meditation and Therapeutic Reflexology and Meridian Therapy.

Result After an intervention by Yoga and Meditation therapies for prevention and cure of Musculoskeletal problems, as well as Reflexology treatments for an on-going maintenance of immediate pain relief, it is found that 27% workers suffering from acute musculoskeletal problem and 83% workers suffering from moderate Musculoskeletal problems are no longer experiencing chronic symptoms or completely cured of pain. The Study period is January 2015 to July 2015.

Conclusion Yoga and Meditation is a philosophy and practice that connects the body, breath, and mind to energise and balance the whole system in our body and Reflexology works on the premise that disease is caused by blockages along the meridians, and therefore the treatment is conducted to increase the circulation within the body, clear congestions along the pathways and stimulate the body’s own healing potential. Yoga and Meditation can be used for managing Musculoskeletal problems and furthermore, there is vast scope of research for inclusion of Reflexology and Meridian therapy sessions for immediate and maintained pain relief results in this program.

  • Musculoskeletal
  • Yoga
  • Pain relief
  • Garment Worker

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