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790 A randomised control trial study on biopsychosocial coaching intervention
  1. Nurrul Hafeezah Sahak,
  2. Kulanthayan KC Mani
  1. University Putra,Malaysia


Background Physical injury is one of the outcomes due to road traffic accidents. These survivors, who are left with temporary or permanent disability, may result in continuous restriction on their physical functioning which gives impact to their health related quality of life (HRQOL). The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of a biopsychosocial intervention on HRQOL among road traffic accident survivors.

Methods A randomised control trial study design was applied among 200 respondents who were equally divided into the intervention and control group. All respondents in both groups were required to answer SF36 questionnaire at baseline to determine their HRQOL status after accident. However only those in the intervention group were given coaching, which was delivered concurrent to usual care. The effectiveness of this intervention was measured after all respondents in both groups had finished intervention and usual care respectively-they were required to answer SF36 questionnaire once again.

Results The follow up stage is still ongoing. However, the result will be ready at the time of this conference. Potential results are the mean of HRQOL will be reduced more significantly among those in the intervention group compare to those who are only receive usual care. Low self-esteem among these survivors will be improved as this intervention provides support to regain self-confidence that has lost due to the injury.

Conclusions We are absolutely convinced that the module in this intervention is able to assist injured person to improve their emotional wellbeing. Therefore the combination of biopsychosocial coaching intervention with usual care is believed to give synergistic effect to the positive changes on HRQOL status.

  • Biopsychosocial coaching
  • randomised control trial study
  • road traffic accidents

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