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74 Teko – safety in school sports in Finland
  1. Anne-Mari Jussila,
  2. Raija Oksanen,
  3. Jari Parkkari
  1. Tampere Research Centre of Sports Medicine, UKK Institute, Finland


Background In Finnish schools sport injuries happen mostly in physical education (PE) classes and in recess. A remarkable part of the injuries can be prevented. TEKO – Safety in School Sports (2010–) is part of the Sports and Exercise Safety program LiVE. The primary target group for TEKO is PE and health education (HE) teachers in secondary schools. Safety promotion focuses on 10 segments; physical activity (PA), sports skills, maturation, nutrition, rest and sleep, environment and equipment, health care, atmosphere and rules, injuries and support network.

Objective TEKO has produced free of charge educational material and methods to internet to encourage PA, to increase quality and contents of PE and to promote safety of sports widely in school settings. TEKO has built up education material e.g. information packages, electric homeworks, videos and PP-slides for teaching. The main delivery channel is

Results After 6 years websites ha 10000 visits per month and YouTube videos have been watched 43000 times. TEKO has kept over 60 education events. TEKO has also built up a large collaborator network, which enables the spreading of sports safety message.

A web-based project evaluation survey was done in 2013 to PE and HE teachers (n = 900). The response rate was 20%. The survey will be repeated in November 2015. According to the survey 54% of the PE and HE teachers knew TEKO. 50% estimated that the content they use in sports safety education has been expanded and the methods are now more diverse. Teachers who had used TEKO material at schools were pleased to it, mean grades (scale of 4–10): expertise 9.0, exterior 8.7, feasibility 8.6 and suitability for the target group 8.3.

Conclusions The reach of teachers has been rather good with the used methods and financial investment 120000 € per year (mostly funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture). The repeated survey will give more information about the stabilisation of TEKO to the basic school work.

  • sport safety
  • physical activity
  • adolescents
  • secondary schools

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