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767 Musculoskeletal disorders and its correlates among farmers working on vegetable greenhouse
  1. Hongyan Yao,
  2. Jianjun Liu,
  3. Wenjing Zheng
  1. Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention


Background This study aims to examine the incidence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) among farmers woring on vegetable greenhouse and to identify the potential correlates of musculoskeletal disorders.

Methods A total of 1823 farmers worink on vegetable greenhouse from 15 villages of five main vegetable growing areas in Shouguang city of Shandong province were interviewed using a modified household questionnaire. Chi-square test was performed to assess the incidence of MSDs across farmers with different greenhouses and multivariate logistic regression was performed to explore its risk and protective factors.

Results Among the valid 1780 subjects, 1395 (78.4%) cases reported that they had the experience of MSDs during the past 12 months. The top four positions with MSDs were low back (62.4%), knee(s) (41.9%), neck (22.9%), and shoulder(s) (20.3%). The incidence of MSDs in upper back, finger, elbow, ankle and hip were 8.4%, 7.94%, 7.94%, 4.34%, 4.14%, respectively. Thirty-six variables were found significantly associated with MSDs. Eight out of 36 were identified as risk factors, including female (OR = 1.63 ), age older than 50 years (OR = 1.64), working on greenhouse long than 20 years (OR = 2.24), daily work over 10 hours (OR = 1.32), frequent push or pull with power ranged from 5 to 20 kg (OR = 1.56), elevating heavy objects in uncomfortable position (OR = 1.57), bending down in work (OR = 1.84), neck at layback for long time in work (OR = 1.31). While, use of vibrating tools in work was a protective factor (OR = 0.58).

Conclusions The incidence of MSDs is high in the farmers working on greenhouse vegetable. The findings of this study on the correlates of MSDs could inform future development of more specific and efficacious interventions.

  • Greenhouse
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Disorders
  • Correlates

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