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71 Injury prevention campaigns for children, by children – the safekids New Zealand creative quest competition
  1. Ann Weaver,
  2. Alessandra Francoia
  1. Safekids New Zealand


Background Scooter-related injuries have doubled every year since 2008—from just 697 claims in 2008 to 6,474 in 2012. Cycling related injuries are one of the top 10 causes of unintentional injury related deaths for children.

Wearing a correctly fitted helmet is proven to reduce the number of head injuries. For cyclists 74% reduction in the likelihood of severe brain injury. Helmet wearing also reduced the probability of head injury by 69% in cyclists involved in crashes involving cars.

Despite this, there are significant barriers to helmet wearing among older children. Reasons for this include personal image and peer acceptance; children said they looked ‘uncool’ and would be teased.

Safekids designed a program that included: Effective engagement with children, schools, families, communities and the media incorporating increased awareness and behaviour change.

Objective In 2012 the Creative Quest competition asked schools to create radio ads, videos and illustrated stories that promoted the importance of wearing helmets.

This presentation will describe the key components and context of this competition, evaluation findings and outcomes. Outcomes to date include broad engagement with 473 entries from 129 teachers at 108 schools.

Results Survey results showed that among those who participated: 83% learnt how to fit and wear a helmet correctly; 89% developed a positive attitude towards the use of helmets; 89% were more likely to wear a helmet; 86% increased knowledge about the safety benefits of wearing a helmet; and 83% said they’d do the competition again.

In addition, Safekids acquired a creatives made for children, by children.

Conclusion Effective engagement with children increased awareness and acceptance of wearing a helmet.

Key concepts supported effective intersectoral collaboration between Safekids, schools, families, communities and the media to reduce the risk of injury to children.

  • Helmets
  • Bicycle
  • Children
  • Injury

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