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752 Priority issues; safety guidance to prevent health problems caused by post nuclear accident radiation
  1. Hiromi Kawasaki1,
  2. Satoko Yamasaki1,
  3. Mika Nishiyama2,
  4. Masahiro Kawasaki1,
  5. Mika Yuasa1,
  6. Pete D’Angelo3
  1. 1Hiroshima University, Japan
  2. 2Hiroshima Bunkyo Women’s University, Japan
  3. 3Doi Clinic, Japan


Background In 2011, following the nuclear accident in Fukushima, there were concerns about radiation. In particular, the complicated information related to air and soil, water and food. A great deal of confusing information can easily be found on the internet leaving residents uncertain and anxious. Clear and easy to understand safety guidelines should be made in order to prevent anxiety among residents.

Methods A questionnaire survey was conducted of mothers with 1–3 years old and junior high school students (15 years old) in Hiroshima. Junior high school students were included as they will be play an important role in future societies and their mothers showed high levels of anxiety regarding this issue.

Results 75 questionnaires were collected from mothers and 79 questionnaires were collected from junior high school students. 66 mothers answered “I was anxious about radiation”, 67 answered “I am worried about radiation from food”. Interestingly, 16 said “I know where I can acquire information about radiation” and 2 said “I know the limit of the annual dose of radioactivity”. 65 Students answered “I am anxious about radiation” and “I am worried about radiation from food”. 6 answered, “I know where I can acquire information about radiation”.

Conclusions Although neither mothers nor students worried about the health effects of radiation, knowledge was insufficient. If a nuclear accident happens residents’ confusion will occur in the same way as it did following the Fukushima accident. The goal of safety guidance considered areas such as, residents have a clear understanding of radiation and know the information source is reliable in helping them make decisions. Health educators provided a simple method to measure radiation in the air, soil, water and foods etc. and clarify the normal radiation dose as it relates to Sievert and Becquerel. Publication of clear, reliable information is essential.

  • Safety guidance
  • prevention of health problems
  • radiation
  • prevent anxiety

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