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743 Healthy athlete nationwide sport safety implementation case to sport clubs
  1. A Ojala,
  2. A-M Jussila,
  3. Kati Pasanen,
  4. J Parkkari
  1. Tampere Research Centre of Sports Medicine, UKK Institute, Tampere, Finland


Background The Sports and Exercise Safety (LiVE) program (2006–) aims to reduce sport injuries in Finland. The program is coordinated by the Tampere Research Centre of Sports Medicine at the UKK Institute. Every year over 350,000 sports injuries occur in Finland and the trend is increasing. Athletes are in high risk to be injured. Up to 50% of the injuries could be prevented.

Methods Healthy Athlete (HA) aims to foster coaching and training culture that promotes good health and safety in sports. Target groups are young athletes and their coaches, instructors, team managers and families. National and international study findings are delivered to the field by communication and education. Program focuses on 10 segments in Ten-point Circle. Main communication channels are website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel. Website offers information packages, exercise videos, campaign materials, tutor network information etc. All materials are free of charge. Website attracts over 10000 visits per month and YouTube videos have been watched over 270 000 times. HA also arranges several seminars and tutor meetings with national partners.

Results Program has educated over 80 HA-instructors (1-year education) and created the national Sport Nutrition Society (50 sport nutritionists). Purposes of the networks are to implement preventive strategies against sport injuries among target groups by offering education and counselling for coaches and athletes at their local environments. Tutors share the same education materials and injury prevention strategies and they meet annually for re-education.

Conclusions Successful development and implementation of preventive strategies against sports injuries in sport club settings continues. HA is currently planning new, modern strategies for implementation e.g. developing technological solutions (mobile and web applications) and webinars. Project is funded by Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

  • sports injuries
  • communication
  • young athletes
  • coaches

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